Being enthusiastic educationists, we made it our mission to harness the hidden powers of every individual so that he can utilize multiple intellectual properties gifted by God and produce wonderful results in all personas of their life

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Whiz Kid (2 days) for Student

  • Exam Phobia
  • Public Speaking
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Building
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Relationship
  • Humanity
  • Value of Money
  • Creativity

Be The YOU (2 days for adults)

  • Know Yourself - Redesign Yourself.
  • Overcome Stuck Situation.
  • Enhance Your Personal Power.
  • Transform Self & Other.
  • Set Your Destiny.
  • Balance Work & Family & Yourself. & many more









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Deepthi Raj

Deepthi Raj industries,Bapatla

JP has a very different approach to motivate me than any other people I have listened to .She is a Gift for me from God to Speak, Encourage, and Motivate. She is helping others fulfill their lives, she is truly a Blessing!" She is able to use real-life examples to bring change. She helped me understanding so many things about life that brought me confusion... Today I found myself. Thank you JP."

Principal Vanaja

Bharathi Vidya Nikethan

The 3 days program was thought provoking and children learnt many new things. As the program was activity based, it engaged children well and they loved the sessions. Mothers session was one of the best session helping children understand importance of mother and need to respect mother. Teachers also learnt many new things, specially importance of activity based teaching.

Principal SambaSiva Rao

Sumathi Reddy Institute Of Technology

She has been great inspiration and has given great insight about importance of education for girls and to be focused on studies. Her talk was thought provoking for girls to achieve their ambitions and to be contributor to the economy of the country and family.

Naresh - PRO

Pragathi Jr & degree college

Best ever attend workshop on importance of English language and English communication skills.


Fr. Balshow Reddy

Teachers training program was wonderful, it was activity based training and innovative ideas to teach children were introduced. Teachers liked it a lot